Make the Enter Key Not Submit Message in Yammer

UPDATE #2 – (10/2015): The Publisher Settings checkbox has disappeared making this blog post no longer accurate. Read more here: Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?


UPDATE #1 (6/2015): The screenshots in this post are no longer current as the Yammer interface has changed. You can now find the Settings button by clicking on the small blue cog icon in the bottom left side of the screen at the bottom of the the Groups pane. See “Yammer User Interface 3.0” screenshot (below).



I nearly lost my cool the first time I used Yammer. I was merrily typing away into the “What are you working on?” field when I instinctually hit the Enter key to create a hard return in my message. Instead of a happy little carriage return, I was faced with a half written message posted in the Yammer group – and the following razzing from ALL of my colleagues as email notifications hit their inboxes. As there is no Edit button in Yammer, the only option is to copy the half complete message then delete the post and start again.

Fortunately there is a way to turn this feature off – and here’s how:

  1. Use the ellipse to open the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Settings to get into the back end settings.
    Note: This used to be “Edit Profile”.
  3. Select Preferences from the side navigation on the left side of the screen.
  4. The first option under Preferences will be “Publisher Settings”.
    Note: This used to be the second option – first setting “Message Settings” which allowed you to toggle between showing full names or user names has disappeared.
  5. Make sure checkbox beside “Enter key does not submit message” is selected.

Pro Tip: Shift + Enter will still submit/post a message. Therefore, I now compose messages in OneNote, and once I’m happy that the content is typo free and complete, I cut/paste the blurb into Yammer.


Yammer User Interface 3.0:



Yammer User Interface 2.0:


Yammer User Interface 1.0: