How to Fix Audio to Play Through Your Headset, Not Your Speakers

Dear Future Kelly,

Are your co-workers glaring at you over the desk dividers while your latest favourite EDM tune is blaring through your computer speakers?

Sounds like you’ve forgotten how to fix your computer audio again…

Yes, I know your USB headset is plugged into your computer … Yes, I know you’ve clicked on the “Speaker icon thingy” in the Notification Area. … Yes, I know you opened the Volume Mixer menu and changed the Device from the built-in speakers to the headset. … Yes, I know sound is still coming out through your computer speakers. …

Why?  Because every single time this happens, you forget what your colleagues have already shown you at least six different times and go about resolving this crisis the wrong way



The correct steps are actually:

1. Right click on the Speakers icon in the Notification Area icons.


2. Select “Playback  devices” from the context menu.


3. Right click on the audio device that you want your audio to playback through.

4. Select Default Device“.


5. If your telephone is connected to your computer, select “Set as Default Communication Device“.
(I like this option because then I don’t have to pick up the phone receiver or switch headsets to take the call.)

You’re welcome, Future Kelly.


Past Kelly

PS – Upgrade to Windows 8.1 already!!!