Easily Putting OneNote Screenshots into Snagit Editor

I use OneNote so frequently that some of the program-specific keyboard shortcuts have become hardwired into my habits. (How frequent you ask? We’re talking 8+ hours a day.)

For example, taking screen clippings via “Send to OneNote” using the Windows + S keys is a keyboard shortcut combination I use at least 20 times a day



Before OneNote came into my life, I used the Print Screen button and Paint, with pretty amateur results. After I discovered TechSmith Snagit Editor to capture screen clippings as well as screenshots via the Print Screen button was a huge time saver – not to mention they opened automatically in the Snagit Editor.

Note: If Snagit is open, the Print Screen button allows you to take screen clippings, instead of simply capture an entire screenshot.

 In the world of software preferences – if OneNote holds the spot as my life partner, then Snagit is my loyal best friend. You can’t deny the benefits that Snagit provides – quick cropping and resizing, blurring selections, as well as a zillion stamps to add an additional apply a layer of context to your image.

One never wants to speak ill of their lover, but it is true that until the Onetastic add-in arrived, cropping and resizing screenshots were features that OneNote lacked. No partner is perfect.

So there were times when I would kick myself and curse because I wanted to capture a screen clipping via the Print Screen button so I could work on the image in Snagit. Before I stumbled upon the “New from Clipboard” button, if I accidentally used Window + S, I would have to either:

1. Retake the screen capture via Print Screen button.

2. Pop the screenshot into OneNote > right click > save the image to desktop > then open the file in Snagit.

It’s sad when your favourite tools don’t play nicely together… Therefore I was very excited when I discovered the “New from Clipboard” feature in Snagit.

This discover allows me to have the best of both worlds – to continue using the Send to OneNote screen clipping keyboard shortcut to take my screen clippings…

…which in my opinion is FAR more convenient than the PrintScreen button (as my left hand is already positioned right beside the Window key and the S key)…

… and place the image into Snagit to perform simple edits before I saved or cut/paste into a OneNote notebook, an Outlook email or a Word document. Happy times!