Who Is Kelly Marshall?

When I first started this blog back in 2013, I wrote a general “Who Am I?” blog post to introduce myself to the world. Not much has changed since then.

Where Am I?

I am still a Business Development Manager & Consultant with itgroove in Victoria, BC (and am damn grateful for it!)

Where Did I Come From?

(…Can you really ever change the past?…)

Where Am I Going?

My five year plan remains the same – although I’ve now sharpened my focus – as I’ve discovered my passion for Microsoft OneNote. I use it every day – not only in the office for work projects, but at home to manage my home, my family, and my personal interest projects…

 What Does This Mean?

I will continue to blog about all my personal challenges and successes as an end-user of Microsoft technology tools – with my primary focus of my posts in the following priority:

  1. OneNote
  2. Office
  3. Office 365
  4. SharePoint

I thought I’d wrap up this post with some screenshots from a presentation I shared at a Office 365 Users Group a couple months ago.

Why? Well, in that original “Who Am I?” blog post (circa 2013) I focused on sharing who I am in a professional capacity. I always enjoy getting to know the person behind the persona – so here’s a few slides to

Kelly Marshall is…

… an “artsy fartsy” photographer and creative writer…


… a thrill seeker with an irrational fear of heights…


… an Ex-pat kid, and devoted world traveller…
 … and a technology lover and consultant with Microsoft OneNote on the brain!