Quick Customizations Possible with Form Editor Button in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13

My “first impressions” exploration of the new Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 interface revealed a feature I was not expecting. A feature so useful that it set off a full on office outburst. We’re talking about a level of excitement that demanded a hoot and a holler punctuated by a fist pump. All together now!What could possibly be so exciting? Welcome to what I’m sure will be my love affair with the Form Editor button.

Back in the day, editing the layout of entity forms and fields involved a deep dive into the bowels of the back-end to perform configurations. It was a particularly painful process as you’d have to have a fairly intimate level of understanding of the lexicon of CRM jargon to be able to successfully navigate the bulky navigation pane on the left-hand side of the screen.

It’s a whole new world in Online Fall ’13. Take a look:
What is especially intelligent about this design is this is the one time where I welcome a pop-up menu with open arms, as it ensures I don’t have to navigate away from my current location to make a customization.

I clearly remember making my first customization to the Microsoft Dynamic CRM system at my last job, and the slippery slope that ensued. Quick tweaks fast became a trying labour of love as each foray into the back-end to make a change always took longer than the delusional “it just takes a few seconds” claims I insisted on making. In my mind the positive effects of the customizations always outweighed the chunk of productive time I had lost.

But all that nonsense is a thing of the past. The new design eliminates the long, laborious trudge back up the surface. And for that I rejoice.

Do you foresee some quick customizations to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your future, or are you happy with what you get OOTB?

Keep checking back as I’ve barely tapped the list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 new feature posts I have planned.