Office 365 Subscriptions: Tech Jargon Decoded – Office Web Apps

As per my original post, I’m continuing to decode more ‘tech jargon’ around Office 365.

Today’s confusing tech term from the Office 365 Enterprise E1 for non-profits “Get Yours Now” slide is “Office Web Apps.”

Standard Services Decoded: Office Web Apps



Office Web Apps are the internet versions of the standard Microsoft Office software programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint) that live ‘in the cloud’ and are accessed via an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

So What?

Web apps are accessible from any device from any location with an internet connection. They allow you to open and edit files using a limited set of features.

Office Web Apps Features:


Office Desktop Application Features:


What Else? 

Web apps require an internet connection and a Windows Live ID login to access.

Check back – more Office 365 ’tech jargon’ decoded every week.

[A huge shout out and bottle of Scotch to Jeremy Dahl for helping me “decode” all the technical jargon in this table.]