Office 365 Subscriptions: Tech Jargon Decoded – Click-to-Run Office Deployment

As per my original post, I’m continuing to decode more ‘tech jargon’ around Office 365.

Today’s confusing tech term from the Office 365 Enterprise E1 for non-profits “Get Yours Now” slide is “Click-to-Run Office Deployment.”

Office Features Decoded: Click-to-Run Office Deployment



Click-to-Run-Office Deployment quickly installs the newest version of the Microsoft Office Desktop Applications into your computer. How fast? Often in under two minutes!

So What? 

The install can occur at any time – even during the middle of a busy work day – while you or your colleagues continue to work without interruption.


Instead of first uninstalling your old 2003, 2007 or 2010 Office software before installing the new software, Click-to-Run Office installs the new software while your old software applications run in the background. This means you can continue to edit Word documents or answer emails in Outlook while the installation occurs.

What Else? 

Click-to-Run allows you to have both versions of the Microsoft Office programs installed on your computer. Two copies will live in your Start menu until you made the decision to manually uninstall the older copy.

There’s More?

Users are no longer interrupted by computer update installs. They also don’t have to remember to install updates manually. Instead of clicking the “install updates” button, and then waiting around while a slew of updates download and install, Click-to-Run downloads updates behind the scenes and loads them the next time an Office application is opened.


[A huge shout out and bottle of Scotch to Jeremy Dahl for helping me “decode” all the technical jargon in this table.]