Who we are:

Regroove Solutions Inc. (Regroove) is a cloud first technology consulting company with a strong focus on helping teams harness technology to run more effective businesses. We have an infectious love for all things technology-related, and work with progressive organizations and their leaders who embrace transformative decision-making. We select our projects with care, ensuring our clients share our values, and have any number of internal projects that stretch our creativity and skill ongoing.

Learning is a huge part of our culture and we encourage our team members to develop skills outside of their typical roles wherever they find opportunities that interest them. The Regroove team shares a laid back humour; employees build friendships here, and we enjoy lots of team socializing activities.

Who you are:

We are always in search of awesome folks to join our team. Our ideal candidates have a passion for learning new technologies, paired with the patience required to walk businesses down the path of adoption. We look for people who constantly stay up to date on disruptive, breakthrough technology and changing industry processes. We want people who don’t mind “wearing multiple hats” and enjoy variety in their projects and responsibilities. If you think critically about problems, always questioning how something can be done better with the goal of working smarter, not harder, we would get along well.

Motivated by meaningful work, you will be a good fit if you are looking for more than just a job; you want to work for a dynamic company that is passionate about empowering people and businesses through technology. You want to do the right thing, and to do the thing right; at the same time, you aren't afraid to ask questions about what you don't know and admit when you might be wrong.

Our must haves:

There are certain characteristics that we look for in every person we hire, as fit is very important to us!

  • Humility to recognize mistakes as learning opportunities and ask for help when needed
  • A love of continuous learning and a drive to stay current with changing cloud technology.
  • Solution-focused drive to innovate; confidence to speak up when something needs improvement.
  • A sense of humour. We love to laugh at ourselves and find fun in life and the work we do.
  • An outgoing nature. There are lots of introverts on our team, and lots of independent work here, but we need candidates who enjoy working with other people, as collaboration and understanding are keystones of what we do.
  • Respect for people; a commitment to inclusiveness in all interactions. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist views are not entertained here. You are not a fit if you harbour these views.
  • You don’t have a problem admitting when you’re wrong. “Do the right thing, do the thing right” is a motto we live by and what we mean by that is that we try our best to do the right thing and do things right. Being “right” is not important here; doing what is best for the team or the client is valued above being correct.
  • A caring heart. We want someone who would stop to pick up a stray puppy if they saw them in the street. In a world that can be hard, we cherish softness.

Why work with us?

Our strength is our team. No one person can know it all. You don’t need to know all the answers, as long as you aren’t afraid to ask questions and keep an open mind. We support each other, learn from each other, and have a great time doing it.

Personal perks include:

  • Premium employee health benefits package that includes extras such as massage, chiropractic, optometric, physiotherapy, naturopathic, counselling and more
  • Paid sick and vacation days
  • Flexibility to accommodate personal appointments during work hours
  • Quality office furniture including quality standing desks, large monitors, and other workstation tools specifically selected to reduce back and body strain
  • A monthly allowance provided to subsidize your existing cellphone plan
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Four Microsoft 365 software licenses for home and personal devices
  • The option to work at two spots: in Brentwood Bay at Regroove Studios and your home office!
  • At the Brentwood Bay office, you have access to:
    • Secure bike storage, showers, and laundry
    • Lots of natural light
    • Lounge area with 84" TV screen
    • Sonos speakers
    • Fully stocked kitchen
    • Free parking
    • Soda and other carbonated beverages
    • All the coffee you can drink!
    • No commute to downtown for folks who live on the peninsula
  • Weekly paid lunches on Fridays and “Lunch and Learns” dedicated to professional development
  • A fun work environment (weekday games, summer BBQ, etc.)

We're good at what we do. And that means we can have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.

We deliver on cool ideas and unique projects with clients who align with our values. We are proud of our culture of equality - it doesn't matter what your role is or how senior/experienced you are, your ideas, knowledge, and input are valued. Each of us has expertise to offer.

So, let’s connect, have a chat, and see if there is a fit. Even if we don’t have any active postings, please feel free to submit your resume and a cover letter in PDF format to c/o Nicole Nelson.

Current Opportunities