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What are your “Pain Points”? We’d like to help.

itgroove is a business technology solutions provider. We have lots of tools and technology available that can be used to solve any number of business issues. And we have the knowledge and experience to map the solutions out for you, as well as the skills to implement the needed hardware, software and procedures. You have …

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My preferred Outlook Junk E-mail Settings

This came up this morning so I thought I’d take a second to speak to it. For one, this not is by any means complete. There are hundreds of ways to combat spam (SPF/SenderID, RBLs, Heuristics, White/Black/Gray/Red/Green lists, International suffixes, the list goes on). All I want to point out here is what I think …

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How to get the SMTP Message Headers in various Outlook Versions

If you are trying to determine the IP of the sender of a bullsh#t email message (A spammer), you’ll want to get the info from the message headers. Below are the various methods to get it as Outlook has changed the interface with every version. Note, you need the original message. If someone forwards a …

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SharePoint 2007 and Office 2007 SP3 Released

I’m not saying go out and download it today, but SP3 is out for Office 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS). But, I think it is safe to say this will be the last major releases for Office 2007 and MOSS/WSS and if they address issues in …

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