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What are your “Pain Points”? We’d like to help.

itgroove is a business technology solutions provider. We have lots of tools and technology available that can be used to solve any number of business issues. And we have the knowledge and experience to map the solutions out for you, as well as the skills to implement the needed hardware, software and procedures. You have …

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Nintex is to SharePoint, as IFTTT (if this then that) is to The Social Web

My friend Gerry at RenRe made the comparison, so I’m not pretending this is original but I thought it was relevant/fair/cool. Nintex is a “workflow” product but frankly more times than not, we use it at itgroove (and our customers) as a SharePoint “Automation” product. And with the new Nintex Live capabilities (actions from Nintex …

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I’m pretty proud of our team – SharePoint and Nintex Rock Stars

  itgroove has been nominated for a Nintex Innovation award for leveraging SharePoint, Nintex Workflow, Muhumbi and lots of smarts and innovation to save BC Ferries money, improve safety and to go significantly more green.  All good things.  Kudos go out especially to Colin and Keith for their fierce dedication and for putting up with …

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