Nintex is to SharePoint, as IFTTT (if this then that) is to The Social Web

My friend Gerry at RenRe made the comparison, so I’m not pretending this is original but I thought it was relevant/fair/cool.

Nintex is a “workflow” product but frankly more times than not, we use it at itgroove (and our customers) as a SharePoint “Automation” product. And with the new Nintex Live capabilities (actions from Nintex could be writing to a WordPress Blog, sending a Lync notification, etc.) it is even more IFTTT.

Anyways, my point is:

  1. Check out If This Then That (IFTTT) –
  2. Check out Nintex on SharePoint
  3. Recognize how much more Nintex Workflow IFTTT can do for you



Bah, Turns out (of course, I Googled Bing’d and found this from Anders Skjønna after I started writing this post). Oh well, I made a nice pretty picture in mine Winking smile