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Getting caught up – Here’s Some Office 365 What’s New(s)

Well, I’ve been away a little while. Life has been busy but I’m starting to get back on track. Let’s start today by simply sharing the last 3 Office 365 What’s New Presentations I have presented since November 2018 at the Victoria Office 365 User Group. Sharing is Caring as they say. November 2018 – …

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April 2018 Office 365 What’s New Slide Deck

This is the slide deck for my April 2018 “What’s new in Office 365” presentation at the Victoria Office 365 User Group. Looking forward to seeing everyone today. Office 365 what’s new april 2018 from itgroove Professional Services Ltd.

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Our Presentation for the Office 365 User Group – October 2017

Delivered monthly at the Victoria Office 365 User Group, this is the October 2017 installment of “What’s New in Office 365”, in this case a special “What we learned at Microsoft Ignite 2017”. Learn more: Office 365 – What’s New – October 2017 – Ignite Edition from itgroove Professional Services Ltd.

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Office 365 – What’s New and Changed – January 2016

Special thanks to Alec (check him out over here – Alec’s Blog) for delivering this presentation today while I stay at home and nurse an epic man cold. Every Victoria Office 365 User Group, we recap/highlight what’s changed (’cause stuff is always changing) and this was my slide deck.   This is an embedded Microsoft …

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First 5 – List of Favourite Features in OneNote

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP How can you not love OneNote? We do! It’s a free download and works across every device and operating system that matters to us (i.e. everything except Blackberry). Sean loves that he can relax on the couch and use his iPad to jot down ideas into …

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Top 5 Section Suggestions for the OneNote New User

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP There are a few key OneNote pointers we cover whenever we deliver an orientation to a new hire. We’ve had several new hires recently so we’re self-proclaimed professionals at rocking the Microsoft OneNote orientation now. OneNote “noobs” are grateful for these basic suggestions as it can be daunting …

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Where to Store Your Microsoft OneNote Notebook – and Why

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP First rule of working in OneNote is: you do not talk about… Yeah right! We can’t shut up about OneNote. If you’re looking to join the OneNote club, the first thing you need to do is decide where to store your Notebook. And for collaboration’s sake …

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Office 365 – The Basics, Canadian Edition, eh?

I presented the following today at the first (of many monthly) Office 365 User Group meeting in Victoria.  It seemed natural that after talking about Office 365 and Office Online, it made sense to share the slide deck embedded via PowerPoint Online.

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Victoria Office 365 User Group – Coming Soon!

We’re pretty excited here in the office as we are gearing up to announce and support a local Office 365 User Group.  Watch this space: and sign up.  The more the merrier!

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