Top 5 Section Suggestions for the OneNote New User

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP

There are a few key OneNote pointers we cover whenever we deliver an orientation to a new hire. We’ve had several new hires recently so we’re self-proclaimed professionals at rocking the Microsoft OneNote orientation now.

OneNote “noobs” are grateful for these basic suggestions as it can be daunting to decide where to get started when staring into empty void of a blank notebook.

Note: This is a list of recommendations. We believe a OneNote notebook is your tool to be organized however works best for you – but this list is a great starting point:

1. Checklists – Having a section group dedicated for storing checklists makes them easy to find when you need them – and allows me to sort them into sections by topic.

2. To Do – Keep a running list of all the tasks on your plate that can easily be reordered by priority and quickly synced with Outlook tasks.

3. Clients – By using a section group that has a tab for each client you can easily keep a chronological record of all your project notes. Train your staff to check the OneNote first before asking questions and to update the OneNote with new information to save time and encourage collaboration.

4. Not Important – For all those bits and pieces that I don’t want to forget, but don’t need to focus on right now.

5. Personal – Keep a tab for personal notes. Being able to quickly jot down non-work ideas when they pop into my head during work hours helps me stay focused and quickly get back to work. I can always move them over to my Personal Notebook at the end of the day.


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