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Well would you look at that – itgroove Podcasts

They wore me down and now we have a podcast of sorts.  Ours will be a little different (I bet they all say that!)… We’ll do it when we have time. The goal is weekly, but time will tell once we slip into a groove Although we kicked off the first 3, we fully plan …

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Calgary Zoo – Office 365 and Yammer – Working Out Loud

Lions, Tigers and Bears … Oh My One of the projects I had the pleasure to be involved with was working with the team at the Calgary Zoo on a project delivered through Softchoice.  This Case Study outlines what took place over the short project.  My own memories include flying to Calgary, hanging with Penguins, …

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itgroove March 2016 Video Newsletter

I asked Karin, our newest addition to the team for “short and sweet” and I got exactly that. Enjoy the first of what I expect to be monthly Video Newsletters informing the masses of our office goings on. March 2016 Newsletter from itgroove on Vimeo.

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I aspire to be the Bob Ross of SharePoint

I can hear Darren’s eyes rolling from here… Egad, what now Sean? I always liked how Apollo Creed of the Rocky Movie franchise had a bunch of cool nicknames, like The King of Sting, the Master of Disaster, the Count of Monte Cristo.  I’ve been searching for my own (I needed/wanted something to make what …

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itgroove Paintball 2012

Well, the purple team won.  Colin, the sole Orange team player will argue this point and provide statistics, but the 5 of us can take him in the parking lot, so this blog post stands on record. 😉 Here’s some photos from the day. View Full Album

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