Well would you look at that – itgroove Podcasts

They wore me down and now we have a podcast of sorts.  Ours will be a little different (I bet they all say that!)…

  • We’ll do it when we have time. The goal is weekly, but time will tell once we slip into a groove
  • Although we kicked off the first 3, we fully plan on welcoming others to do it.  We’re a shy bunch (it took years to break me down to do it … I expect others won’t take as long once they see how simple it is … we are flying real casual)
  • I find many podcasts are much too long and often take far too long to get to the point.  So, we bought an egg timer from Amazon.  It isn’t a great egg timer.  It is supposed to be for timing 10 (ten) minutes.  But, with its plastic design (seems to cause some friction), it clocks in differently every time and is closer to 9 1/2 minutes – thus our Podcast title “Roughly 9.5 minutes with itgroove”

So check ’em out.  We are cataloging them at https://itgroove.net/podcast

The first two are online already and I’ve included them inline below.  #1 was a discussion between Alec and I on the changes we’ve seen in SharePoint. #2 we talked about why we built our own time/billing and invoicing system.  #3 we wrapped Friday and we talked about our favourite wallets/phone cases and why (it’s evident our Podcasts will be about whatever comes to mind, much like good ole Brainlitter here 🙂

Ep.1 – Roughly 9.5 Minutes with itgroove – SharePoint as We Know It from itgroove on Vimeo.

Ep.2 – Roughly 9.5 Minutes with itgroove – Time Entry System from itgroove on Vimeo.