Good Morning 2021 – The Robots are coming…

Good Morning 2021,

Not sure how many folks noticed but yesterday Tesla had their “AI Day”. And while the event was mostly a recruiting exercise for new talent, they also introduced their plans for a “Tesla Bot” (a ‘friendly’ prototype we might see next year to eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks – one that we can run away from and we can overpower – please watch this before you jump to conclusions… ?link:

In typical, casual (but awesome/fearless) fashion, Elon said “it might not work…”

Anyways, it reminds me of this poster I used to have up in my office that I thought was hilarious. I don’t know where it is now (I think Wendy made me get rid of it) but it is not quite so funny now (well ya, it is but …).

My point today?

I’d rather see a company based on values/hard/smart work and a ‘why’ (mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy) lead this next/inevitable evolution than the others with piles of cash and other motivations (ya, I’m talking to you #facebook, #google, #amazon).

  • Are you enjoying what you are doing?
  • Are you making a difference for yourself and/or others?

If the answer to either is no, read the poster… because the Robots are coming … quite literally now. #UBI (Universal Basic Income) is likely coming (for some, you might call it #cerb 😉 … so pay attention. Your self-esteem and sense of self-worth will be the most important thing going forward and often our jobs are tied to that, no?

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Thankful I can out run (and out power) this bot…
Here comes the future. Get/Be ready.

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