Resources for Suddenly Working at Home

Well, we’re all stuck at home now, for the foreseeable future. It sucks … really sucks. And for a lot of people, working remotely from home is very new. So take it from us over at Regroove, being #CloudFirst was already in our DNA and we were already equipped – well, technology wise anyways. We certainly weren’t expecting anything like this. Just being able to work effectively during the odd 2-3 day “Snowmaggeddon” was already enough to make us satisfied with our setup.

So here we are, able to offer various pieces of advice and resources and that is the very intent of this particular post. In fact, I expect I’ll keep adding to this as I go to make it somewhat one stop shopping. With that in mind, I’ll break it out into a few different headings and we’ll see where this goes:

Stuck at home and want to learn something new?

We’re creating a helpful video every day until we run out of material as part of a “Sharing is Caring” series. Topics include tech tools, design tools and anything else that might help empower business folks communicate ideas, get inspiration or get things done.

Our “Sharing is Caring” Series is growing!

Cloud Security Matters – more now, than ever!

As businesses rush (as in, fall over themselves) to move their files into a location they can reach from anywhere, anytime on anything (hello SharePoint!? We’ve been there for 15 years!) while their workers are now stuck at home … all the measured ways to make this happen are all of a sudden thrown out the window – governance, taking extra precautions, etc. The Cloud *can* be more secure, but only if you do things right. The simplest and most important place to start is replacing simple passwords with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Something you know (your username/password), something you have (your smartphone) and something you are (your fingerprint or face). Do it! Or get us over at Regroove to help you do it!

Kyle breaks down the importance of Multi-Factor Authentication in Office 365

How to work effectively from home

Kayla outlines how to work effectively from home

Our own Kayla swiftly put the following together. How to work effectively from home:

Have a Listen – This is our own Kyle on CFAX Radio!

I expertly delegated a radio interview to the right dude. Have a listen:

Making working from home possible

There are a lot of people setting up impromptu offices from home this week. What tips and tricks can make this easier? Kyle Lancaster of Regroove Solutions joined Adam to talk about some of the things his business does to help set up work-from-home solutions and how they can help you. Have a listen:

Quickly Set Up Microsoft Teams for your Organization

This comes up, a lot!

Set up Teams, fast, and now.

Preach Kayla – How to quickly setup Microsoft Teams for your Company

Fon’t forget to have some fun

Break the ice with fun backgrounds in your meetings!

Finally, don’t forget to have some fun. Break the ice with fun green screen/background images for your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings. I’ve compiled a bunch to get you started here: Fun background images for Zoom and Microsoft Teams Video Chats and Meetings