RIP Microsoft Access (6 years ago). Hello Cloud Alternatives

Access to Office 365 and Azure – The future of Business is now

Moving/#migrating to the #cloud starts (and sadly typically ends) with #Email. But really, if you are all in (and in support of #CHANGE – because if you aren’t changing, you’re failing), is that you should have ZERO servers to babysit and no technology #bottlenecks holding you back, from accomplishing MORE.

Sometimes the “next mile” is either migrating your accounting system or some proprietary system (or person and system( you invested in, long ago in #Microsoft #access or #filemaker. While daunting, it might not be as scary as it seems to #reinvent yourself. Access is all about data input (forms), data storage (tables, SQL) and data output (reporting, search).

Alas, that’s the magic of #office365 #microsoftteams and #sharepoint, among others. And we’re really good at that stuff at #regroove_inc. We will work with you to determine what you have in the past, what you need tomorrow and help you implement it #today.

Learn more about the path from Microsoft Access to Office 365.

And once you’ve moved that standalone, proprietary app to the cloud, you might want to use Navo, to find it. ’cause, well, it’s obvious and makes sense.