Operation ‘Ho Ho Ho’ – Mission Accomplished

We did it. It wasn’t easy, not everyone yet gets it but we’re here and there is no going back. And zero regrets. Regroove set out at the start of this year with a strategy of completing the shift to a CloudFirst company with the payoff being closing for Christmas.

From babysitting to making a real difference

We’ve completed the transition from babysitting servers and legacy technology to making a real impact EVERY DAY by empowering change with cloud technology and a talented team … without barriers or limitations. And we couldn’t be happier.

From itgroove to Regroove

In September, we doubled down on our “leave the past behind” directive and it became apparent we needed to rebrand as well. How could we say “we don’t do IT as you traditionally know it” if we had “IT” in the name? This name change was significant for many reasons and we love the new REjigged name, the REfreshed brand and the REfined focus we have now. You might say we are REinvigorated (okay, I’ll stop now…).

This holiday season, we’re ‘closed for the holidays’ … like so many others before us

Regroove is closed for the Christmas Holidays #cloudfirst #itsbetteruphere

We’ve earned it. Our projects are well managed, our customers are informed and onboard with being proactive and let’s face it … most of them are going to be closed as well.

That means no more being on call, no more SLA’s, no more having to react to problems because there won’t be any.

Ho Ho Ho to us indeed. Well done team!

Sean Wallbridge

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