How to get a Trello Member ID

I couldn’t find this information anywhere useful or in a clear manner, so I’m sharing what I found.


I was creating a Microsoft Flow where I wanted the results from a Microsoft Forms submission to be turned into a Trello card. That part was simple, the hard part was assigning the Member ID (i.e. I wanted the card to be assigned to a person).

So What

There was nothing in Flow to indicate what it was looking for and the error output wasn’t helpful at all. I tried the UPN/Email address the member used, I tried the member name but none of that worked. It was clear it was looking for an “ID” but I couldn’t find such a thing anywhere.

Now What

I found a way in the Trello API to get it to spit out the members details and sure enough the first part it spat out was a unique ID, and sure enough this is indeed what it was looking for. Pretty simple when I found it, but it wasn’t obvious at all, at first.

You will want to go to this URL and replace the last part with the Membername of the user:

This will spit out something similar to the following, and the highlighted bit is the Member ID you are looking for.

“bio”:””,”bioData”:null,”confirmed”:true,”fullName”:”Joe Blow”,”idPremOrgsAdmin”:null,”initials”:


5 responses to “How to get a Trello Member ID

  1. Thanks Sean!

    I’ve been trying to work out how to do this for about an hour and then stumbled across your blog. Followed your steps and fixed it in less than a minute!

  2. Hi there,
    I’m also trying to create this flow, however am struggling to have the card assigned to the person who submits the form. Can you please share with me how you did this? Thank you

    1. Hi Vivian,

      Hmm, it sounds like you are trying to do something different than I was. I had a form that received information but then assigned it to a few specific individuals by knowing their Trello ID. Based on your comments, it sounds like you want a form filled out by someone, but then you also want to assign the Trello card to the person that filled out that form. That would require a few things including assuming they always have a Trello account already. Is that going to be true in this case? If each person filling out your form in fact do have a Trello account, you could build a little collection/matrix that captures the identify of the form submitter (say their email address) and then reference/lookup a collection/list of email addresses with corresponding Trello ID’s that you maintain).

      I am curious what problem you are trying to solve here though too. If you are using Microsoft Forms, and want to assign tasks to someone within the Office 365 ecosystem, and you know who submitted that task (based on their organizational ID), why not just use Planner as the tasking system and skip a step?

      Hope that helps.

  3. Sean! You are a lifesaver! I couldn’t find the documentation ANYWHERE! You’ve made my life SO much easier! Thank you so much! I was about to HARD code the system in microsoft flow to add members to cards.


  4. Thank you! I’m doing the same, and I was eventually able to find my own ID (after ages of searching) by doing a Personal Data Export in the Trello settings, but I still needed a way to find the IDs of the rest of my team without asking everyone to send me the json file.

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