Dude, where’s (part of) my Ribbon?

While your mileage or how you got here may vary, here’s our story…


In one of our root Site Collections (the root site, in fact), we had a behaviour where:

  • We could add/edit content in lists, libraries and wiki’s
  • But nobody, including Site Collection Admins could modify List or Library settings and various other weirdness


Dude, where’s Library Settings?

So What

Well, it sucked.  Not only were there no warnings, errors or other clues, it was *like* the Site Collection was Read Only, but it wasn’t.  We could still add/edit content.

It turns out, when simply finding the solution by connecting the dots on a client site a few months later (it was never a critical issue, it just REALLY bugged me) that what happened was…

  • We had some challenges with implementing the App Store functionality at one time.  Microsoft support (we hate to give in and use them, but this one was where their knowledge base *should* have been better than our own… lesson learned … again) instructed us to do the following

#Install and enable the AppLockdown feature
Install-SPFeature Applockdown
Enable-SPFeature 23330bdb-b83e-4e09-8770-8155aa5e87fd -url “https://yoursitecollection

  • Looking back now, that wasn’t what we wanted or needed for our particular setup/problem but M$ support has a tendency to Google (urp, I mean Bing) just like the rest of us and that setting stuck and we never noticed the problem until weeks later by which the trail had gone cold…

Now What

So, the trick was to turn that particular feature off. We don’t want that on our root site collection where we are actively managing real content.  So let’s just do the reverse…

Disable-SPFeature 23330bdb-b83e-4e09-8770-8155aa5e87fd -url “https://yoursitecollection

Boom baby and Sweet Jebus.  My Library Settings are back!


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