Oh crap, I nuked the Notebook Link in my new SharePoint 2013 Team Site

I got a query from a friend today, let’s call him Scott to protect the innocent. He said…

I did something stupid and deleted the “Notebook” link off my main site in Office 365. How do I create a new one?

I think I’m over thinking this somehow…


Scott is referring to this bad mama jama (I LOVE OneNote, I LOVE Office Web Apps OneNote Integration and I LOVE the Site Notebook in a Team Site when OWA is available. This little guy is a game changer in my books…)


Which gives you a OneNote notebook for all the members of your team to share, right in a web browser.  How awesome is that!?


So What?

Well, until you recognize that you care about this thing, you might be inclined to yank it from your Quick Launch. Uh-Oh, what now?

Now What?

First off. Relax.  When you removed it from the Quick Launch/Navigation, you didn’t delete any content. So, that’s a plus.  The Site Notebook is stored in the Site Assets Library.


All you need to do is:

  1. Go into Site Settings, Manage Site Features
  2. Deactivate the Site Notebook Feature (don’t worry, this won’t delete your existing data)
  3. Activate the Site Notebook Feature
  4. Voila!  Your notebook link is back and structured correctly to use the OneNote Notebook the way it is intended with OWA


Bonus: Now you know where to find the Site Notebook Feature. Just imagine all the webs/sites you could activate this bad boy assuming you have SharePoint 2013 and OWA or Office 365.  Rock and Roll…

7 responses to “Oh crap, I nuked the Notebook Link in my new SharePoint 2013 Team Site

  1. Thanks for this awesome tip. Was about to spend time creating new link and everything. Didn’t realize I could deactivate then activate and life is back to normal.

  2. Site Assets, that would have been a good place to go looking for that. Thanks for the tip Sean, helpful as usual;)

    Cheers, TB

  3. Yep, I got rid of it because I didn’t really know what it could do. Then, I learned how to take notes in OneNote in an Outlook calendar item and how that links to my SP team site. Holy cow! Thanks for telling me how to get that back!! 🙂

  4. Thank you Sean. This was exactly what I needed after wading through 5/6 other sites that WOULDN’T GET TO THE POINT.

  5. hugely helpful, thanks so much!

    This was my suspicion as to being the best solution, but I was worried about the data loss – and you alleviated that fear.

    now onto figuring out how it will show my local one that I shared and synced with my SharePoint site…

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