Provisioning the Work Management Service Application

I was bumbling around with Tasks today in anticipation of plotting out our new issue system and the idea of aggregated tasks is interesting (not finishing exploring if it is a fit yet however).  On my site under tasks, I got the following however when looking to see all of my tasks in one place:


“Sorry, we’re having trouble refreshing your tasks.  Contact your administrator if you continue to have problems”

It didn’t take long to find the problem as others have already reported on it:

So, I had a look and sure enough, we haven’t provisioned the service yet. No worries, but I wanted to find out more about it, so here’s a bit of background (very brief):


Was easy.  I heeded this advice and checked beforehand (yep, all good): Important: The service account used for the Work Management Service Application needs Full Control permissions on the User Profile Service!



That’s it. Nothing to even manage about this service as far as I can tell.

Did it Work?

Nope. Not right away.  I had a look in the timer jobs for a timer that might be related but alas, nothing fit the bill.  But I think I’ll try to force an incremental search next as I believe that is how these get accumulated…



Nope, not working (yet) anyways.  May need to be patient.  Will check back in an hour as I have other stuff to do.  Maybe there is a timer job after all I need to wait for…

I’m Impatient

Forget that, just had a thought. I wonder if there is a service in SharePoint to go along with it.  Whatdya know?  There is!


No immediate joy so I did another incremental search crawl.  Nope, still nothing. Grrr…

Oh, look at that. A little time passed (and a people crawl, perhaps that was what I missed) and now I have this…



6 responses to “Provisioning the Work Management Service Application

  1. Hi,
    I meet this problem, too. It does not work when I crawled web site and synchronization Users

  2. Hi,
    Great article. worked out very well. Only Problem I have, is that the Task Status doesn’t synch with the Status in the SharePoint Project list. Means that completed Tasks are shown in MyTasks as “active” everytime the timerjob starts again… any clue what to do?

  3. Thanks worked even in sharepoint 2013, long time i ran PS script which broke down permission user profile and was always kept saying “starting” but never came.
    it broke down work management permission in user profile by which task were not getting updated/sync due to permission factor.

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