Siri in iOS 6 – what devices support it?

While iOS 6 was announced 3 or so months back, its official launch is on the 19th of September (though I’ve got it on my devices now, there is a way…).

On their website, Siri is prominent in all the materials but what isn’t clear is what devices it works on.  As I have the iPad 2 and the New iPad (3), and an iPhone 4 and 4s in the house, and have upgraded them, I can now speak to what platforms do and don’t support Siri.

  • iPhone 5 – yep, it will have it
  • iPhone 4s – yep, it already had it
  • New iPad (3) – yep, it has it (yay!)
  • iPad 2 – nope
  • iPhone 4 – nope

I’m not going to list older devices as those will be nopes too. There is a new iPod that comes with Siri but I suspect older iPods won’t get it in the iOS 6 update due to the horsepower needed, etc.

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