Stuck in SharePoint 2013 Mobile View hell?

Oops, did you do this too? Smile

I was poking around on my SharePoint 2013 site and clicking in settings chose the Mobile Site URL.  This is provided so you can preview the mobile view others would see on those devices. However, short of closing browsers and clearing cache, I’m stuck in mobile land until I effectively “switch it off”.

So if you’ve done this and realize you aren’t excited about how little content there is…


By doing this…


To Break Out of Mobile View in your Desktop Browser

Append either of the following to your site URL:

  • /?mobile=0


  • /_layouts/15/mobile/mbllistsa.aspx?Mobile=0

10 responses to “Stuck in SharePoint 2013 Mobile View hell?

  1. Ugh what a nightmare, so glad I found your fix. Why is this even a thing? Was stuck in the mobile version of my office365 and could do nothing until i appended the url with your tip.

  2. For a bit I was forced to work in a private browsing window to get around the mobile view. SP’s mobile feature is horribly unintuitive–you’d think there’d at least be some kind of toggle to switch back or even better, responsivity based on screen size. But, no.

    Regardless: thanks so much for this fix!

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