Great tool for creating a travel map

Ok, this isn’t a SharePoint post, but I love a good web based tool.

I wanted to illustrate for my (wonderful) kids the travels we took recently. At age 8 and 10, I didn’t think they fully grasped just how far we travelled and the interesting places they’ve been.  So after some Googling, I found one.  I’m posting this though because it wasn’t immediately easy to find like other tools, so maybe this will help others.

The Tool –

What It Outputs

You can see it for yourself here:

And below is a quick visual representation:


Ps. It took me longer to figure out to spell Civitavecchia than it did to make the map. Just enter the destinations in the order you went there and you’ll be finished in no time. Smile with tongue out

Also thanks to Marc Anderson for suggesting TripLine.Net which also has some (maybe even more, still checking it out) groovy features –

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