Installing Office 2007 MODI (OCR Scanning) bits into your Office 2010

I’m filing this under SharePoint because it is relevant to wanting to scan into SharePoint (using say, Dark Blue Duck) and still being able to OCR documents as part of the scan.


Microsoft decided for some reason not to include OCR abilities in Office 2010 (yet had included it in Office 2007). Maybe a licensing thing, maybe someone forgot – meh, I don’t care, I have a workaround

So What

If you are attempting to scan into SharePoint, for example, and you are using software from Dark Blue Duck or other outfits that rely on certain preexisting tools (For OCR), you’ll need to install the Office 2007 MODI bits into your Office 2010 software plant.

Now What

You have two options:

  1. Install SharePoint Designer 2007 on your workstation as you can include the bits there. Though if you aren’t connecting to SharePoint 2007 sites anymore, this is a pain as you’ll be battling SharePoint Designer 2010 and 2007 against each other
  2. Better: Install the bits from an Office 2007 installation CD (Supported)

Both methods are outlined here:

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  1. How could I setup up the sharepoint OCR components on Windows, but not through the SharePointDesigner.exe (setup program) , it so big, and must requires install step.. if there is a way like batch command to complete it ? it would seems ‘regsvr32 D:SPD07OFFICE12ADDINSTCSCCONV.DLL’ .. thanks any way.

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