SharePoint Expertise @itgroove

Anyone that has worked with SharePoint extensively will tell you it is a giant product, framework on which to build elegant solutions.

With that said, no one person can do it all. So at itgroove, we have carved up champions of expertise within the team to make sure we have the right skills, coverage and focus.  And it seemed like a decent idea to share our own “skills wheel” so others can have the insight to know with whom they should be talking to, on our team.

itgroove SharePoint Skillset Wheel


    • Infrastructure Support & Performance
    • Composites & Workflows
      • Colin, Sean, Keith
    • Development
      • Keith, Colin
    • Architecture
      • Sean, Colin, Keith

    • Branding & Design
      • Colin, Keith, Sean
    • Training
      • Sean, Luke, Colin
    • Search & BI
      • Colin, Keith, Sean

3 responses to “SharePoint Expertise @itgroove

  1. No one can do it all but you’re pretty darn close :).  Just bag Development and you’re complete.

    1. That’s what minions are for 🙂
      But seriously, I’ve wanted to sit at home and develop but I can’t get my phone to stop ringing every 5 minutes

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