Office Smart Art Crashes–Probably Your Keyboard Layout

I’ve had this situation happen a few times and I don’t notice it right away, but in my case the cause was the same each time (Bootcamp for Windows – yes, I’m currently running Windows on a MAC) but I’ve seen this occur without Bootcamp as well.

The Problem

Whenever you try to edit text within a piece of Office Smart Art, the application will crash, like so:


Error: Microsoft Word (PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook) has stopped working

The Solution

This post online helped me narrow down the issue but it didn’t come up until I was just about ready to stop Googling, so perhaps my blog post will help others find it quicker (perhaps because it only references PowerPoint but frankly this could affect any of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote):

So, the issue is typically that you don’t have a keyboard layout assigned. How does that happen you ask?  Well, for the most part it shouldn’t, but Bootcamp doesn’t play by the rules…

Here’s what you do:

  • In one of your Office Applications (in my case Word), choose File, Options, Language
  • You’ll probably find that your keyboard layout is ‘Not Enabled’. Click on the link for Not Enabled


  • Assign a Layout (in my case I went with US English), bad Canadian, bad, eh?


  • Verify it is listed as enabled


The Result



11 responses to “Office Smart Art Crashes–Probably Your Keyboard Layout

  1. This lead us down the right path. I had to go into the Control Panel – Regional Setting – and change the keyboard to a US keyboard NOT the US Apple keyboard. After making that change I haven’t had a crash.

  2. Guys this didn’t work at all…I am using a Mac with Yosemite 10.10.5 and SmartArt keeps crashing on Word 2011 (Version 14.6.4)…Under ‘File’ there aren’t any ‘Options’ …Please advise, thanks

    1. Hi there. Unfortunately for this blog post, I was referring to the PC version (And a long time ago ;). The older versions of Word for MAC were very different from the PC Version. Office 2016 for MAC is the first version to truly be very closely aligned to the PC version. Check it out, it’s awesome. Even better with an Office 365 Subscription.

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