Shaw Upgrade from Extreme to new 50MB plan and Gateway

*squeal*. Shaw guy is here installing my new Gateway and 3 portals (1 per TV). I’m also upgrading to their 50MB plan (100mb, pishaw, don’t need THAT yet), from Extreme. (Note, I started this blog post a week ago last Friday and finished it tonight. All this in an effort to match what Telus has been offering for a while, without (EVER) having to have any Telus equipment in my house again.


Here’s the Speedtest metrics before he started (I did three to get a rough baseline)… Before


Figure 1 : Test 1


Figure 2 : Test 2


Figure 3 : Test 3 After


Figure 4 : Test 1 – much better down, bit better up, faster ping test


Figure 5 : Test 2 – even better


Figure 6 : Test 3 – good working average



  • The modem is also a wireless router now (Cisco) so they took my Linksys/Cisco device out which freed up a device (spare for office) and I got another wireless AP in the process (nice), plus this is one device optimized for the service (also good, one company to blame)
  • Channel guide is SOOOO much better


Hardware Screenshots


Figure 7 : Back side of one of the ‘portals’, one per TV (3)


Figure 8 : Front of Portal. Not very big, nice small footprint


Figure 9 : Cisco Router is pretty full featured for an included device and comes with wifi


Figure 10 : back of Gateway unit, notice Cat5 inputs amd eSata, stored in garage (near coax feed). I understand I can add esata storage up to 6TB

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    1. Hey there, I don’t have a picture I took but this is pretty close to the layout (or one of them):,r:0,s:0&tx=113&ty=77

      The main things I like are more details, much faster to load/display, nicer display with Preview and for me, the most important thing is I can exclude channels I don’t get from the display so I’m not PVR’ing shows I can’t actually get (a big frustration with the old system)

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