Some Social Collaboration Web Parts Missing?

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Are you missing some of the Social Collaboration Web Parts? For example, following a SharePoint 2010 upgrade, I was expecting to find the Note Board, Organization Browser, Site Users, Tag Cloud and User Tasks and instead, was only able to pick 2 of them (Site Users and User tasks, remnants from 2007).


Figure 1 : Uh-Oh, are these missing?



Following a database attach upgrade of a site collection/content database from SharePoint 2007 to 2010, some of the web parts you’d expect to become available won’t be. I’ve seen this with others but for now I’m going to focus on the Social stuff.


The Fix

This one is pretty easy. For the site collection in question, you are going to want to run the following:


stsadm -o activateFeature -name “PortalLayouts” -url “” –force


For the Powershell Equivalent, you would do the following:

You’ll want to disable the feature first, and then re-enable it.


Disable-SPFeature –Identity PortalLayouts –url

Enable-SPFeature PortalLayouts -Url


5 responses to “Some Social Collaboration Web Parts Missing?

  1. Hi Sean,

    So, I ran this to no avail..;-)
    It seems its just not available for SharePoint Express 2010 OOTB.
    Is there another way to have at least the tag cloud webpart installed on such server?


    1. Sorry, on vacation so slow to respond :). If you are using foundation (i assume that’s what you mean by express), there is no ups so tagging isn’t incorporated, regardless of whether the web part was there (there are some 3rd party web parts for tagging but they too require user profile service application for social abilities). You could write your own but you would still need to have a service store and manage your tags.

  2. yep, i meant search server express 2010 and thanks for the reply, guess i will look into the 3rd party ones.

    1. Ah yes. Then the same thing applies. Social tagging is provided by UPS. So without SharePoint server (not foundation or express), you can’t create a user profile service application.

  3. Thank for this post. It was the missing link for my situation. All I did was disable & re-enable the PortalLayout Feature and voila it worked.

    Thanks again.

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