Deleting Duplicate Calendar from Outlook without Sending out Appointment Cancellations

I got this query/business issue the other day…

We have a problem with one of our user’s Outlook calendar’s.  For some unknown reason 2 weeks ago, certain (not all) appointments in the users calendar duplicated themselves.  I have read that it’s possibly a Blackberry related issue but not entirely sure. The user is masked_to_protect_the_innocent (one of the directors) so this is becoming a bit of an issue.  One thing probably worth noting is that his Personal Assistant is setup as a delegate on his mailbox. I’ve been trying to think of a less evasive way of removing these duplicates than deleting them (which sends out a cancellation message to any meeting recipients) or exporting the calendar, then re-importing and not allowing duplicates. In your experience are there any better ways to remove the duplicates?


After a bit of Googling and soul searching, I came up with the following…


It worked by the way 😉


  1. Create a new calendar folder
  2. Move the events you don’t want to the new calendar
  3. Delete that new calendar
  4. Test first, with just a couple of messages of course


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  1. I occasionally want to delete a calendar event that I can not participate in but do not want to delete the event for others. As I created the event, it asks to send notice of cancellation. Is there a simple way to not send the notice?


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