Simple Windows Time Synchronization Steps

Never mind the Shaw issues of late, keep in mind that the idiot George W and his ‘gosh, I like to muck with father time so we can find and sell more oil’ DST change the other day, may well be having a larger impacting/sweeping effect.


So, here’s my quick hit list for how you can configure a Windows Machine (note windows 2000 and earlier do it a little different) to use a reliable Network Time Source and resync your local computer time.


  1. Don’t do this if you don’t suspect time issues as there may be other corporate mechanisms (such as in a domain, time syncs with PDF Emulator by default) – for non-domain machines, with all machines standalone, this may be a positive thing and really can’t hurt
  2. Make sure the Windows Time Service is running and set to automatic
  3. Make sure the clock is set to “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time”


  1. Go to a DOS/Command Prompt and perform the following
    2. NET TIME /
    3. NET STOP “Windows Time”
    4. NET START “Windows Time”
    5. W32TM – RESYNC
    6. Check System and Application event logs for any errors regarding configuration of time

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