The Best Winter Themed Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Calls

Please note that all Teams background images shared by Regroove Solutions Inc. are not copyrighted and are intended for public use.

It’s time to decorate for the winter season! Grab your coworkers’ attention in virtual meetings or spice up your holiday video calls with your friends and family by setting one of these beautiful winter scenes as your virtual background.

Here’s How to Save Your Winter Virtual Background:

  • Right-click the image you want to use on this page
  • Click “Save image as”
  • Save the image (you can change the title and save location)

To set the image as your background in Microsoft Teams:

  • In a Teams meeting, click the three dots and then click “Apply background effects”
  • Select “Add new” and upload the image you just saved
  • Select the newly added background and click “Apply”

In Zoom:

  • In the Zoom desktop client, click on your profile picture, then click “Settings”
  • Select “Virtual Background”, then click on the + and select “Add Image”, and upload the image
  • Select the image as your background

If you are looking for Holiday Teams backgrounds or Christmas Webex backgrounds, we have a whole blog dedicated to Christmas movie virtual backgrounds and holiday call background downloads! Simply visit our Christmas background blog and download the ones you love!

Snowy scenic winter virtual background
Pretty scenic winter virtual background
Winter ice virtual call background
Scenic view winter video call background for Zoom
Snowman virtual background image.
Ski chalet virtual background for Microsoft Teams.
Cozy winter fire virtual background for Microsoft Teams