Microsoft Teams Phone for the Ultimate Modern Workplace

Are you looking to bring your company phone system into the modern world? Look no further! Calling from Microsoft Teams gives you all of the traditional features you need from a phone system, with tons of added value you can only get from the cloud.

In this blog, we’ll answer all your questions about Microsoft Teams Phone (formerly Microsoft Teams Voice) and walk through the steps you can take to implement cloud calling at your organization!

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an all-encompassing collaboration tool for the modern workplace. The application gives your team the ability to chat from anywhere, host video and audio meetings, and share and work collectively on documents. Link tools, apps, your email, your calendar, and your company’s global navigation to Teams for a true modern desktop experience from a single location.

Features of Microsoft Teams include:

  • Group and one-to-one conversations
    • Chat individually or with a group in the team channel or private chat
  • Video conferencing from anywhere
    • Meet one-on-one or with your whole team using video and audio conferencing on your computer or mobile device
  • File sharing and collaboration
    • Share files and work on them together within the Teams app

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone is a cloud phone system designed specifically for Office 365. Teams Phone includes all of the basics such as transferring calls, hold music, call parking, and voicemail (plus emailed transcription!) with a whole bunch of features, including:

  • Group calling
    • Send calls to a group of people such as the ‘Sales Team’
  • Call delegation
    • Allow others to answer calls to your line on your behalf
  • Shared lines
    • Add multiple people to the same phone line such as the ‘Support Line’
  • Auto attendants
    • Add a menu system so your client can easily choose which person, department, or team to be directed to without needing an extension
  • Call queue
    • Create call queues with group ringing, routing, and round robin options
  • Global administration, reporting, and analytics

Why Should I Use Teams Phone?

Moving your phones to the cloud brings your traditional system into the modern workplace. Using Teams Phone in your organization allows you to:

  • Do more with your phone system
  • Answer calls from anywhere
  • Get rid of clunky phones that chain you to your desk

Do More With Your Phone System

Do more with Teams Phone

A cloud phone solution gives you many added options that go above and beyond a traditional phone line. At Regroove, we’ve implemented an auto attendant, a call queue, and call delegation to ensure our callers get through to the person they need quickly, without an extension or navigating through a phone tree.

When you call our main line at Regroove, you’re asked to speak the name of the person you’re looking for. You can also be sent directly to a person. If the caller does choose to be sent straight through, the call is sent simultaneously to a group of people in the office and continues to ring for everyone in the group until the call is picked up.

Another example is when a caller indicates they would like to speak to someone in sales. The call rings through to the entire sales team or sequentially through a list of people in the department.

Teams Phone also includes some pretty powerful analytics. Report on call quality, answer rate, and much more!

Answer Calls From Anywhere

Answer calls in Teams Phone from anywhere

Teams gives you the ability to answer calls from anywhere. Whether you’re working with a headset from home, a Teams-compatible handset at the office, or from your cell phone anywhere in the world, Teams Phone keeps you connected.

Get Rid Of Clunky Desk Phones

De-clutter your desk by removing clunky handsets

A cloud connected phone solution will revolutionize your office desk. Get rid of clunky desk phones and dusty switchboards. Connect with a headset, your Bluetooth headphones, and even through your mobile phone.

How Do I Migrate To Teams Phone?

To migrate your organization to Teams Phone, you need to:

  1. Purchase the appropriate licensing and credits for Teams Phone.

    Add a calling plan to your licensing to enable your team members to make and receive calls.

  2. Port your number over from your traditional carrier.

    Porting your toll and toll free numbers from your traditional carrier to Microsoft allows you to maintain your client facing numbers.

  3. Set up your auto attendant and other new features.

    Customize your system for your organization.

  4. Get your team the equipment they need to connect.

    Ensure your team members are equipped with Teams-enabled headsets and handsets that meet their needs.

Bring your company into the modern world with cloud solution calling that integrates with Microsoft Teams!

Need help getting started? Get in touch.

Microsoft Teams Phone Decoded 

Want to learn more about Teams Phone (Voice)? From features to API uses, this cloud-based phone system could be your communication solution.

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