Microsoft 365 Business Case: Creating a Business Proposal

Cloud computing can change the way you do business. It can automate your processes, improve your communication and collaboration, and reduce your overhead and operating costs. The potential of cloud-based tools like Microsoft 365 is powerful. Therefore, it is important to create a strong business proposal when you and your organization are deciding to transition to Microsoft 365.

With typical organizations spending over 30% of their budget on infrastructure (primarily data centres and data networks), shifting some or all this work to the cloud can save organizations anywhere from 10-20% of their annual IT budget.

KPMG, Cloud Economics: Making the Business Case for Cloud  

Moving your business to the cloud can even improve your ability to attract and retain employees in a competitive market where candidates are searching for remote or hybrid environments that enable better work-life balance.  

Make the Case for Microsoft 365 With Our Downloadable Business Proposal Template

We know first-hand that migrating to the cloud is a big decision for your organization and can require buy-in from many different stakeholders. If you want to make the case for your business to move to the cloud, we are here to help! Our Senior Business Solutions Analyst has created a free business proposal template that guides your planning and outlines the benefits of migrating your organization to Microsoft 365.

The cover page of Regroove Solutions free downloadable business proposal for transitioning to Microsoft 365
Regroove’s free business proposal template provides detailed step-by-step instructions for creating a strong business proposal about transitioning to Microsoft 365.

A business proposal is simply a document or presentation that is designed to persuade decision-makers to take action. That could be buying a new product, soliciting a service, or launching a project. Comprehensive business proposals contain all the information that is needed for an organization to make a decision. This includes what exactly is being proposed, the anticipated benefits and challenges, and what is the best course of action. 

What’s Included in Our Business Proposal Template

This 15-page instruction book provides a step-by-step outline of how to create a business proposal that can be submitted or presented to the decision-makers at your organization. It lays out each category, from identifying your business needs to conducting an options analysis, with sample language provided for each step. We offer a strategy for identifying the risks and benefits of moving to Microsoft 365. You will even find a detailed outline of every step involved in a Microsoft 365 migration. This resource contains everything you need to make a compelling, substantiated argument for why your organization should transition to Microsoft 365. 

An example page from Regroove's free downloadable business proposal for transitioning to Microsoft 365.
Our downloadable workbook outlines each section in a Microsoft 365 business proposal and includes sample language.

Meet the “Client”

In this instruction book, we use a fictional company called Pear Inc. to demonstrate what your proposal could look like. In this example, Pear Inc. is creating a proposal that includes working with Regroove as an external consultant to assist with its Microsoft 365 implementation, project management, and change management. 

Pear Inc. is a strategy and leadership consulting organization that works with other companies to provide coaching and consulting. Their business is currently using Outlook, but their files are located on a server in their office building. They also employ other third-party applications like Zoom and Asana for their video meeting and project management needs.  

Pear’s staff have been granted permission to work remotely up to four days per week. They need to improve their ability to collaborate with team members while working outside of the office or on the road visiting clients.  

Let’s take a look at the proposal Pear is using to make the case for moving to Microsoft 365. 

This template is intended to guide and support your planning as you and your organization determine whether you should transition to Microsoft 365. If you think your organization would benefit from specific and customized support, book a free one-hour consultation with our Senior Business Solutions Analyst. We specialize in making the migration to Microsoft 365 smooth for our clients and we can do the same for you. 

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