Thanks for making me look good, Matt!

I am the first to admit I don’t have an “eye”.  I take a lousy photograph (poor composition), I’m probably colour blind (or at least colour agnostic), I can’t work a graphics editor to save my soul, and I’m so text-oriented that younger colleagues “pity” me.  Let’s face it, I’m an old white guy with all the lack of “online presentation” skills that implies.

So, why does my blog design look so nice and crisp?  And, for that matter, why do all of the blogs on and our overall website look so good?  Well, the secret is one hell of a talented graphics guy, our own Matt Longpre.  I’ll admit to thinking Sean was nuts when he hired Matt and I’ll also admit to not really understanding the whole design “lingo” that surrounds all of our various web-oriented projects (hey, I’m a plumber not an artist).  But I now “get it” and Sean, you were brilliant, not nuts.

Great graphics design makes the whole online experience better.  Great design helps make your point.  Great design can make a graphical bumpkin like me look “polished” (a feat unto itself, let me tell you).  I see on a daily basis what a difference great design makes and I now have a better understanding of how managing all aspects of the visual experience can improve how knowledge is imparted over a graphical medium.  There is skill and artistry required to do the job, and more than a little soul.

So thanks, Matt!  I appreciate all your efforts and I’m thankful that you have saved me from some of my more stylistic blunders online (the first few cracks at theming my blog were pretty hideous). A tip of the hat to you, Sir!

One response to “Thanks for making me look good, Matt!

  1. Thanks for the kind words Rob!

    PS – For the record, I still think Sean’s nuts 😉

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