You Had Me at OneNote…

I will be the first to admit that I am just a ‘teensy bit’ stubborn. Do I think this is a bad thing? Not really. Do I think it must annoy my significant other? I’m guessing so by the size of the vein in his forehead whenever he tries to get me doing something new or out of my comfort zone.

Ah well, it keeps things interesting.

Sean has been trying to get me to use OneNote for quite some time now. Kelly Marshall was kind enough to let me sit through a few of her classes and her passion and excitement for this product was quite contagious.

As soon as I got home after the class I entered a few things into my OneNote and customized it to the way I liked it. At first I have to confess I didn’t use it as much as I had hoped to in the beginning. However, a funny thing happened last Christmas. I decided to start keeping track of gift ideas for the family by using the OneNote app on my iPhone.

It was….amazing! I have always been a paper list person, but half of the time I would forget the list at home. With OneNote I was able to create different lists (with little boxes to check once I had purchased the gift). I could share the ones I wanted to with Sean so he could see what I was getting for the family, and the ones for him I could have in a separate area where he couldn’t see it.

It sounds like such a small thing, but I truly felt so organized this time around. I am finally starting to see what he’s been talking about (just don’t tell him I said that).

I have much more to share on this topic, but one thing at a time. Actually, I will keep a list of what I want to talk about in…ONENOTE *drops the mic*.


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  1. Now create a “honey-do” list, share it with Sean, and see what he checks off.

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