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Microsoft is putting a great deal of effort into improving and expanding the Office 365 Support Community site to make it the place to go to for help and support for Office 365.  The site is and it is brimming with all sorts of support information, including forums.  Fawad Khan is the Microsoft manager responsible for all of the support content and resources on the site geared to help all levels of Office 365 users.

One big resource that is plugged in to the site is the Office 365 MVP community. There are nearly 60 Office 365 MVPs globally who are eager to share their support knowledge with you through the site. My friends and fellow MVP s Darrell Webster in New Zealand, Loryan Strant in Australia, Martina Grom in Austria, Zoltan Zombory in Hungary, Kelsey Epps in Canada…. And a whole bunch more are all there to help you the best we can. And there is a big “back end” Support presence from Microsoft, as well. In other words, there are a lot of resources concentrated in one location to help you get the support you need.

I urge you to login to the site and explore the information available. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! And, to help make my point, here’s a shot of a number of the Office 365 MVPs at the recent MVP Summit in Redmond. We are ‘real people’ that are working hard to make this Support community work for everyone. Join in and make your voice heard!





NOTE:  This is an updated version of my original post with revised wording that more closely reflects the site purpose.  My thanks to Kady Dundas of Microsoft for casting an editorial eye over my content and for correcting my errors.  You rock, Kady!

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  1. We just purchased Office365 and want to learn how to use it with signing up for a webinar. Where do I go to sign-up? I understand that Microsoft has a 15 minute webinar and it is free.

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