I love my Nvidia GTX 980!

Nvidia GTX 980

I recently upgrade my graphics card to Nvidia’s flagship GTX 980 and I’m thoroughly impressed. I have always been a Nvidia fan boy, but recently I deviated for a few months with AMD’s Radeon 290x due to the performance to value everyone said it held over the GTX 780 at the time. While it worked fine and frame rates were decent I had never ending issues with the drivers. There were HDMI monitor/sound switching issues with my Receiver/TV/Monitor combo and the Oculus Rift wasn’t to pleased with it. It would work, but only after lots of fiddling and the BSOD’s caused by the interaction with the Oculus utilities and the constant black screens in demos were driving me a little nuts.

Anyways I finally had enough and grabbed myself a GTX 980 and ALL my problems went away. No more switching issues, all the Oculus demos worked now that didn’t before and all my performance issues with jitter and lag are all gone. I love it when things just work and the GTX 980 is a beast and it kicks major ass.

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