Math is Fun…?

Last night our daughter needed help with her math homework. Conveniently, I had to run out the door so I left Sean in charge of helping her. I have to say, normally I don’t feel like it’s been that long since I’ve been out of middle school, but apparently since I left there in the 80’s, there have been a few changes in the way math is taught!

So far I’ve been able to remember most of what she’s talking about. Last night, however, I had no clue (and no, I’m not going to say what it was about). I left Sean to help her out and handed him her math textbook with a sly smile on my face.

When I came back, not only did she know how to solve the problems, she couldn’t get enough of it! How did she learn it? By watching a video on YouTube. Man, say what you want about the Internet (and most things I would agree with), but if you are a visual learner like I am, it is great.

I’m sure I would have eventually turned to it last night, but not after spending half an hour trying to decipher this math textbook first. Well done, Sean!

2 responses to “Math is Fun…?

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post Wendy! I was laughing envisioning the scenario play out. Such a relatable story – I’d be creeping for the door too!

    Have you heard of the Khan Academy – ( I anticipate I’ll be deferring my (future) kids to that website 9 times out of 10 when they hit middle/high school to help tackle those math and science concepts that have slipped out of my brain long ago!

    1. I have gotten as far as signing up for the Khan Academy, but not further than that. I’ve heard good things though. I must get on that before Algebra starts up!

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