Where’s My Document Panel / Properties? (Word 2013)

In Word 2013 sometimes you can sit there scratching your head about where things have gone.  Case in point, the document properties or document panel is sometimes a necessity, and if you’ve perhaps closed it earlier in a session, you may be wondering how to get it back.  Below, I’ll show you just how easy it actually is to find.

  1. Go to the File Menu / Tab on the Ribbon
  2. On the default panel (Info), choose the drop down named “Properties
  3. Choose the option “Show Document Panel”
  4. And voila, your document properties will appear

10 responses to “Where’s My Document Panel / Properties? (Word 2013)

  1. How do you just show the icon on the bar and not the rest of the panel to name properties in a Word document?

  2. I have a mac pro and I am using the new word for mac 2013 program and using this tutorial I cannot find how to change properties for my assignment please help

  3. How do I disable this? I like to put info in the document panels but do NOT want this panel to open every time I open the document. this is the same issue in PowerPoint. All my documents open with the document panel showing … I want to turn this off.

  4. What is the shortcut to this on “customize the ribbon”? I found Properties, but not advanced properties, which is what I am after.

    1. If you activate the Developer tab, the Document Panel icon will be displayed. File > Options > Customize Ribbon. Then select Popular Commands in the “Choose commands from” pull-down menu. Using the “Customize the Ribbon” pull-down menu, select Main Tabs. Then click the checkbox to activate the Developer tab. Click OK.

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