Sample SharePoint Apps Pack

This cool little sample pack from Microsoft is a great starting point for SharePoint app developers/development.  Broken down into C# and VB.NET or a combined pack. 

Apps for SharePoint sample pack:

Be aware, when extracting the Zip file, some filenames are very long, so don’t try to expand it deeply nested in a folder structure – you’ll get extraction errors.

There’s a total of 26 examples for SharePoint 2013, covering all kinds of topics.  Each one has their own Visual Studio solution file, project file, and the associated necessary files to start off your App.  Each one also comes with a description HTML file detailing the prerequisites and many other details. 

Finally, yes, all of these examples use the open Apache 2.0 license, enabling you to use the code freely, without worry that you’ll be violating any terms by including it in your solutions.

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  1. Dear Colin,

    Hope you are doing good,
    As I am trying to access “App for SharePoint sample pack” it gave me error message,

    “The page does not exist
    Sorry, the page you requested was not found”.

    If you have this app pack then please share with me.


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