Introducing Kids to Gaming

Let me start off by saying I am far from an expert on this topic, but I’m curious to hear ideas from other parents.

A few years ago we realized how much time the kids spent on computer and video games. After giving it some thought, we decided to have them pick two days out of the week where they could play for a few hours on a screen and it would be okay with us. That way they would stop asking all day, every day if they can play and they had a schedule that they could stick to.

That lasted for a little while until they started playing those games where they have to check in daily to water a virtual plant, etc. Bit by bit, their game time started increasing. So we changed it to 30 minutes a day, but that seems like way too much.

It’s hard to find that line between the right amount and overdoing it.

What are some things you’ve tried? What works for you?


One response to “Introducing Kids to Gaming

  1. My son is 6 and asking to play on his iPod daily. I’d rather we find something to play together where he can have creative/imaginative play or a sport to learn about himself. But playing an iPod is just too easy to do. I keep thinking about the movie Wall-e with all the lazy fat people on the spaceship. (shutter).

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