Congrats Colin and Keith!

We are a dedicated lot at itgroove!  All of us are a little “crazy” and we all put a lot of time into keeping up with our various tech interests.  We are lucky that Sean Wallbridge – Boss, SharePoint MVP and all round good guy – encourages all of us to get involved in our technical communities in various ways.  You can see the evidence of this in things like our blogs, our involvement in user groups like vSharePoint, our participation in things like the Microsoft “beta teach” programs (an amazing experience which I recommend to anyone that might be interested) and by the latest round of “book involvement” by itgroove staff.  Colin Philips and Keith Tuomi have participated as Technical Editors in the publication of a SharePoint 2013 book, “Rapid SharePoint 2013 Collaboration Solution Development and Deployment” (available here:  Colin and Keith are also working on another SharePoint book as Technical Editors, that book should be published around the beginning of March.

I’d like to offer my congrats to both Colin and Keith as it isn’t easy balancing the demands of the job, the demands of your personal life AND the demands of your editor!  Well done boys!

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