‘Tis the Season for Giving Back

The Christmas season is the time for family, neighbourhood houses strung with lights, and gift giving.  And in Victoria, we may even get snow!  For us, it’s finding ways to make the holidays a little more festive for kids and families who could use a lift or a smile.  We all know someone who could use a pick-me-up, don’t we?  And you can put a smile on their face.

That is why itgroove has their annual Give the Gift of Hockey. For the month of December, people can select a person or two to receive tickets for any Royals’ home games.  “Being in a position to give back really caps the year off nicely”, says Sean Wallbridge of itgroove.  This year there are 5 home game nights so we are counting on you to be the “givers” of these tickets.  Send us the name of who could enjoy a night watching entertaining hockey and we’ll put our tickets at the door for them.

“It’s fun for people because they are in the position of being Santa,” says Sean. Think of someone at work who went the extra mile this year. Or a kid and their mother or father who hasn’t seen a live game. What about a couple who you know that could use a night out?  There are 5 pairs of home game tickets available.  Tell us why you are giving them tickets – don’t be shy with suggestions.

We have a pair of tickets for each of these nights and here’s who they’re playing:

  • Sat Dec 8th (Swift Current)
  • Fri Dec 28th (Prince George)
  • Sat Dec 28th (Prince George)
  • Fri Jan 4th (Tri City)
  • Sat Jan 5th (Tri City)

So who will you give a gift to? Will you be Santa, even for a brief moment?  Leave us a comment or check us out on Facebook.

10 responses to “‘Tis the Season for Giving Back

  1. Just me (Sean) testing the comments system. I want to make sure these tickets find a good home, so wanted to double check there were no issues with providing a comment here.

    1. Thanks so much for your entry Meera! We love Marty too! We’ll be in touch if you’re one of our winners!

      David @ itgroove

  2. Would love for the tickets to go to my friend who moved here from
    Ontario last year and has not yet been to a Royals Game.

    1. Not yet been to a Royals game? Impossible! We may have to remedy that Radhika! Thanks for your entry!

      David @ itgroove

  3. My friend Patrick.
    He works so hard all the time! He’s an IT pro with a major institution in Town here, and I hardly ever get to see him. I feel like if he had some hockey tickets, we’d have time to catch up. Dec. 29th would be ideal!

    1. This one brought a tear to our eyes Blake…
      Being IT pros ourselves, we ‘rarely’ get to see the light of day, much less our friends, working so tirelessly for our clients. The sun still shines, right?

      Thanks for the entry Blake! Even if we don’t choose you, which is to be determined, you’ll hold a special place in our hearts.

      David @ itgroove

  4. My friend Tina and her son Hunter. She is a single mom, like me, and works hard to make a good life for the 2 of them. 🙂

    1. We have nothing but admiration for parents that make a home as a single parent, Tonya. Thanks for the entry. We’ll let you know if you’re selected.

      David @ itgroove

  5. A ‘Royal’ CONGRATULATIONS to our “Tis the Season For Giving Back” contest winners!

    These winners of 2 Victoria Royals tickets will be gifting the tickets to the worthy recipient they nominated.

    December 28th: Meera
    December 29th: Blake
    January 4th: Radhika
    January 5th: Tonya

    Thanks to everyone who entered! Thanks to the winners for their great gifts! Hope your recipients appreciate how wonderful you are. We do!

    David @ itgroove

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