We've worked with Regroove on multiple projects, most recently transferring our old phone system to Teams Phone. The project went seamlessly, we had immediate training and supporting documentation to help us through the process. Regroove is responsive to all our questions.

Lisa Nivison
Operations Manager/Compensation Analyst
Wilson Group

I'm the founder of HeroWork, a charity that rebuilds other charities. We asked Regroove to help us with migrating our society members over to Office 365. Previously we had been using multiple platforms and wanted an integrated system through which to operate. From the beginning Regroove was patient and communicative. They helped us through each step: understanding the basics, training an initial team, then onto more in depth training and systemization, before the migration of our society. Regroove is a company of skilled professionals who know Office 365 inside and out. We couldn't have done it without them. And now, because of them, we get to make a bigger difference in our community. Kudos to the Regroove team!

Paul Latour
Founder & CEO

Whether it’s this “Low Code No Code” citizen development project or more complex SharePoint .NET development, Regroove is the peanut butter to our Managed Services jelly. 

Akos Zsufa
ESW I.T. Business Advisors

I liked how patient [the staff at Regroove] was. They were really good with working with me, making information and the process accessible to me in plain language. 

 Heather Follis
Continuous Improvement Advisor
City of Victoria 

I needed people who could be my trusted experts. The whole process is just a little more seamless now that the website is the first point of contact with the business. 

Ann Conrod
Fettle + Food

Regroove has a depth to their team with a variety of technical consultants that we can work with for different projects, while still maintaining one point of contact to manage the overall project. 

 Kaela Schramm
Director of Projects and Planning
M'akola Development Services

Regroove specializes in Office 365 and knew what they were talking about which was really nice. I would look forward to working with Regroove again for that reason. 

Fabien Gendron
CPA and Partner
Reach CPA

Regroove comes up with creative solutions for things that I hadn’t already thought of. Even though municipal government is not the only type of business they work with, they worked to interpret and understand our requirements so they could come up with creative solutioning that actually fits our needs. 

Dawn Christenson
Director of Finance
Town of View Royal

We can now all work at the same level of understanding, using the correct vocabulary. People are becoming more confident; [collaborative communication] has been incorporated into our daily lives. 

Christina Haska
Records and Admin Coordinator
Office of the Ombudsperson