Regroove Solutions Inc.

Managing Multiple Brands Using Microsoft Teams

Regroove Solutions uses innovation and creativity to bring exciting technology solutions to multiple industries. 

Regroove helps teams harness Microsoft Cloud technologies to run a more effective business through projects and coaching.  


Think about how difficult it can be to keep track of all the action and maintenance necessary to keep track of a created brand. Now, multiply that work by six. That’s how many different brands the staff at Regroove keep track of (including Regroove itself).

“It’s hard turning the idea engine off,” says Sean Wallbridge, Owner, Operator and Chief Troublemaker at Regroove. This is a notion that likely anyone that knows Sean can attest to. When Sean’s company itgroove was rebranded as Regroove, it marked a shift in priority from IT managed services support to a projects-based company that, as Sean puts it, “wants to do exciting things with technology.”

While Regroove is still focusing on helping businesses harness the power of technology, the shift in focus was drastic enough to lead Sean to expand into new and exciting realms.

I wanted to make an impact in sport, fitness, and music. That’s where I’m passionate. They all ended up being really good ideas.

Sean Wallbridge – Chief Troublemaker, Regroove Solutions Inc.

This impulse led to the creation of Shelterball, Ballsy Foods, and Rockstar Bingo – three very different concepts that each touch on an aspect of Sean’s passions.

  • Shelterball allows you to play a fast-paced, high cardio indoor version of softball.
  • Ballsy Foods makes and delivers healthy snacks for people on the go.
  • Rockstar Bingo built a mobile app that allows you to host and play live, virtual games with your friends.

Additionally, Regroove’s ability to spot and fill gaps in the market with app development led to the creation of two products.

  • Navo helps connect your team to their tools through an online, governed link library.
  • The Logo Repo is a self-service marketing asset app that helps your team stay on brand, all the time.

Each of these five enterprises has a different focus, but all are built and managed by the Regroove team.


When asked how he could possibly keep all of these different brands straight in his head, Sean responded with a resounding “I don’t.” With brands in so many different industries, a solution for managing each enterprise was necessary. On his end, Sean says that visual task management boards, like Microsoft Planner and To Do, are one of the things that helps keep his mind on track, and to keep up with the different needs each brand requires.

I used to really care about what people thought of me and now I just don’t. It’s more productive that way. People must think I’m crazy for having all of these different brands.

Sean Wallbridge – Chief Troublemaker, Regroove Solutions Inc.

As a result of the creation of these brands, the team at Regroove made the management and promotion of them a part of their day-to-day work. Regroove’s employees work in Microsoft Teams, an app that organizes the conversations, files, and tools for each of the individual brands into separate spaces.

Each brand has its own “team” where specific groups of people are gathered. Each team organizes their work into a series of workspaces called “channels”. Multiple channels are created for brands to organize the various aspects of their work, such as Administration, Client Support, and Marketing.

Regroove even uses one of their own apps to help manage the tools and resources connected to each of the other brands.

Navo is a link library used to help employees locate their company tools and resources. Navo allows Regroove to centrally manage the library of links to each of their brand resources, as well as company wide tools and information, ensuring easy and accurate access for the whole team.

That’s not to say that the management of each of these brands is easy; the Regroove team spends a lot of time and hard work creating, managing, marketing and supporting each of the products under their umbrella.

Outcome and Benefits

“Regroove has become a boutique agency that can manage brands for ourselves, and for others,” says Sean. Navo and The Logo Repo were initially conceptualized and built as efficient ways to help Regroove manage their product tools and assets. Realizing both apps could be used by and built for other companies to do the same was a lightbulb moment. Sean anticipates helping companies with their brand management will continue to gain steam in the coming years.

We’ve built a company that can make other companies.

Sean Wallbridge – Chief Troublemaker, Regroove Solutions Inc.

Seeing Regroove as a hub with the talent and skill to build each of these different enterprises gave Sean the idea to expand on the notion even further. Regroove’s office (called Regroove Studios), located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, is a purpose-built space that currently doesn’t see much use because of the necessity for people to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sean’s vision for Regroove Studios is to create a space where the Regroove team and others can innovate, create, and thrive.

“Right now, Studios is where we have been incubating each of our brand ideas, but we can expand this space and offer it to others. In the future, Studios will be a space for people to bring good ideas and collaborate with someone to build their app and brand,” said Sean.

When there isn’t an app for that, we’ll build an app for that.

Sean Wallbridge – Chief Troublemaker, Regroove Solutions Inc.

What’s Next

As for what’s next for the products under Regroove, Sean plans to keep growing the brands. Due to the pandemic, unfortunately Shelterball needed to be parked while indoor sports are not currently permissible. However, as soon as its safe to do so, the brand will be expanded with the hopes that it will become a popular indoor recreation sport. Ballsy Foods will continue to make waves in the healthy fitness snack market. The Regroove team will foster the growth of Rockstar Bingo and Rockstar Nights, both with the expectation of a large bump when in-person crowds can gather to play. Navo and The Logo Repo will continue to expand to more businesses to help build, manage, and maintain their own tools and brands. And new ideas are always in the hopper!

This solution was built using:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Navo
  • A lot of crazy ideas
  • A top-notch team of people who are really good at what they do
  • Patience and passion