This isn’t a status symbol.  It’s a commitment to the future.

Well, hello there. Thanks for scanning the QR code on my Tesla Model 3.  I can’t wait to tell you more. And if you aren’t interested, that’s okay too. In that case, here’s a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head to give you something as you hit the road. 

My name is Sean and I own a technology company called Regroove with my wife, Wendy. As of September 2019, we now own a Tesla Model 3 (RIP to my beloved Mini Cooper). This is the base model, in base white (and honestly, nobody needs more than that, right?).  I had it wrapped in black because it obviously looks pretty badass, but more importantly to protect the original finish. This might well be the first vehicle to appreciate in value, so I decided to wrap it to help hold that value. 

So why the Tesla?  It has a lot to do with my purpose: To relentlessly modernizorganizations and my community with tools and expertise. 

I care a lot about our island and this car represents a number of things for me. Obviously, it’s a commitment to the environment and a lower carbon footprint, but more than that, it is a commitment to continuous improvement. This Tesla will keep getting better. It will innovate, learn and improve – something I’ve dedicated my life to. We need to do that here on Vancouver Island – both in government and in business, by pushing the envelope to ensure we’re not left behind. It’s what I’m about, what Regroove is dedicated to doing and now, what my Tesla represents. Here’s why: 

  1. The car is purpose built.  From the ground up, every aspect of this car was designed with intent. Identify the need, attack the problem, and put the best solution forward. Do the right thing and do that thing right.  Tesla did not simply take an existing car design and put an electric engine in it.  End result?  A car that’s fast as hell, safe as possible, and has some super nifty functionality to boot.
  2. I’m driving an iPhone. Simple to operate, elegant and cool.  Rumour has it that it will have its own App Store soon enough too. The iPhone changed phones, Tesla has changed the auto industry and I’m all in.
  3. This car improves over time.  We’re not just talking about bug fixes, we’re talking about new functionality too. I’ve even created a page dedicated to the car (we named her “Shawniqua II” to catalog everything about the experience as we go – you can read more about her here as her story unfolds: 
  4. The car will drive itself.  Face it, autonomous driving is coming. The thinking is that kids born today won’t likely even need a drivers license and that driverless options will help reduce congestion and change how we view everything:
    • How will you commute?  Have a nap on the way to work?  Finish your workout on a treadmill?  Get a pedicure? Host a meeting?  Will you even need to commute? 
    • What will you do with that driveway you don’t need anymore? A front garden? 
    • Will we lose the skill of driving?  Will we drive on a track on the weekend for fun?  Don’t believe this can happen?  Think about it … ICBC rates alone will force this over time.  It will likely be too expensive to insure your car.
  5. I don’t take myself too seriously (and neither does my car).  At this writing, I still haven’t tired of the fact that my turn signals can be a selection of any five fart sounds.  And if I do grow tired of it, there is Rainbow Road (Gotta have more cowbell) and Christmas Mode (Ho Ho Ho) … with new updates coming at least quarterly. 

Think I’m nuts?  Got questions? Want to grab a beer and hear the rest of my rant? Hit me up here. And if you get your own Tesla, use my referral code and we’ll both get 1500 free Supercharger KM’s! 

Safe travels and have a great day! 

Get into it. Stay with it.