Why Businesses Are Shifting to the Cloud

Microsoft’s cloud solutions – Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure – provide subscription-based service plans that package collaboration software and services for professionals and small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses – available through a predictable monthly subscription plan.

What parts of your business technology can be moved to the cloud?

  • Email & calendars.
  • Data including – databases, documents, spreadsheets & other files.
  • Servers & backups.
  • Security and virus protection.
  • Business Intelligence Reports & Dashboards.
  • Electronic Forms and Workflows.
  • Software Administration including Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote.
  • Audio and Video Conferencing.
  • SharePoint Team Sites.

Benefits of Business Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

Save Money

Reduce infrastructure, support, and licensing costs. Save your budget by not having to upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft Office and SharePoint every few years.

Low Upfront Costs

No hardware investment is required. You get the latest enterprise tools without maintaining servers or buying the latest versions of the Office applications.

Flexible Per-use Licensing

Monthly subscription plan gives you predictable, fixed costs for easier budgeting. Pay-as-you-go provides you flexibility to purchase only what you need then turn up or down the services as your business grows.

Save Time

Reduce your resources’ workload by eliminating time-consuming tasks like tracking licenses, installing upgrades, and patching servers.

More Up-time and Support

Data stored in the Microsoft cloud is hosted in Microsoft data centers, which guarantees a high availability up-time of 99.9% and includes IT level phone support.

Simple, Scalable Administration

Manage all services to all mobile devices and multiple office locations from one central dashboard.

Reduce Headaches

Microsoft now deals with your technology headaches like anti-virus and spam protection, patching security loopholes, monitoring and updating servers, data backups, server up-time, and firewall security to protect your business data.

Accessible from Anywhere

Access your work files from anywhere you go – in the office, at your home, or on the road – on any device – including Macs, PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Keeping Connected

Keep connected with colleagues and clients using web conferencing tools – including instant messaging, virtual meetings, desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing.

Familiar Office Software

Use the Microsoft Office tools you know to collaborate – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

The Power of SharePoint

Includes the power of SharePoint for internal intranet sites for document management and business process workflows.